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Curriculum Vitae

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As of October 2021, I am a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Eddie Chang's Speech Lab at UC San Francisco. Here my work explores transient language impairments in neurosurgical populations, investigating patterns of speech and language errors observed in individuals undergoing resective neurosurgery both during and after surgery.


In August 2021, I graduated with my PhD from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, studying under the mentorship of Dr. Stephen Wilson in the Language Neuroscience Lab. There, I focused on two distinct but closely related goals; one, to use fMRI and cutting-edge analysis techniques to uncover the neural bases of linguistic processing—both in healthy people and people with aphasia—and the other, to help to maximize life participation and psychosocial wellbeing in people living with aphasia every day.

Before joining the Language Neuroscience Lab, I spent two years as a Research Specialist in the Computational Memory Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. There I gained first-hand experience collecting electrocorticographic data (ECoG) and working with individuals undergoing intracranial monitoring for medically intractable epilepsy. You can see the publications I contributed to during this time on the Publications page. 

I received Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Psychology and Linguistics from New York University in 2014, graduating Summa Cum Laude. During my time at NYU, I worked simultaneously in three different labs: Dr. Robert Rehder's Causal Cognition Lab, Dr. John Singler's Sociolinguistics lab, and Dr. Denis Pelli's Visual Perception Lab. With Dr. Pelli, I wrote an Honors' thesis exploring the perception of visual stimuli near threshold entitled "Perception is sticky: How we see what 'isn't' there".

Outside the lab, you can find me watching pretentious horror movies, forcing my friends to play pattern recognition and verbal trivia games, or designing cognitive-neuroscience-of-language themed birthday cakes (pictured below).

Graduate-Level Coursework
  • Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

  • Aphasia

  • ​Scientific Computing for Psychological and Brain Sciences

  • Open Source Programming for Medical Image Processing

  • Language and Memory

  • Grant Writing in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Technical Skills



  • Psychtoolbox

  • Unix/Linux

  • Machine learning

  • LaTeX

  • R

Some experience:​

  • Python

  • Processing

  • Natural language processing

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